My frugal saving tips include quick easy dinner recipes using ingredients that I get by using coupons, shopping farmers markets, clearance isles, and by shopping strategically online. Easy home cooking recipes include dinners, simple lunches and breakfast options that are both frugal and tasty. I strive to bring my readers lunch recipes kids will actually eat, and quick easy breakfast that you can grab while running out the door. By easy I mean things that do not take more than 30 minutes to make, and easy quick dinner recipes are always simple with no complicated directions or ingredients to go searching for. Since this is a lifestyle blog, occasionally you will find adult drink recipes and homemade things like bread, granola and cheese tutorials. Throughout my blog you will find grocery shopping tips to save money so that you are able to stretch your food budget while always having food in the fridge and cupboards. This frugal family does not believe in eating a lot of boxed ingredients or highly processed foods. We prefer simple home cooked meals that are minimally processed, but from time to time you will find meal ideas using boxed goods and top brands.