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Playtex 360 Gentle Glide Tampons Review and A Fun Survey Report

Hey ladies, it’s me, you know that time of the month that the old myth says gets you cranky and wanting to rip everyone’s head off? Na, not you? Well if you had a tampon that was comfortable maybe you would be less grumpy. Playtex is here to talk to you about comfort, absorbency and price. We gotcha covered…

With 360 degree protection you never have to worry about leaks because our products are designed to contour to your body. New triple layer design provides an added barrier for even better protection, so you CAN do that workout. No more excuse lady!

And you will love the new light purple applicator because, well, purple is just pretty! You won’t need to worry about odor because in case you didn’t know it yet, Playtex offers Gentle Glide in a scented, improved fragrance line. For the ladies with scent sensitivities there’s also an unscented product just for you.

There’s a wide range of absorbency to choose from: lite, regular, super, super plus, ultra and multi absorbency packs which are sold in most grocery stores like Walmart, Fred Meyer, Safeway and more.  Each come with a suggested retail price of $4.99 -$5.99 for 18-20 ct and $7.99-$8.99 for 36-40ct.

My review

I don’t think there is much to say that these pictures don’t tell. I will say that Playtex is much easier to open, the cotton is different which makes them absorb liquid better. They have a nice floral scent that is fresh but not over powering. Did I say the package is easy to tear open?

I decided that if I was going to recommend these to you that they must be tested. Letter A in the below picture is the Playtex 360 Gentle Glide. Letter B is a generic brand. As you can see from the picture, the Playtex (A) is shaped more like a female’s body. The generic is just, well I am not sure where they were going with that shape but it’s not realistic and filled quickly with liquid.

playtex 2

If that weren’t a good enough excuse to try Playtex here is another. They are MADE in the US right in Dover, Delaware.

If that weren’t enough here is an interesting survey & it’s results done by Wakefield Researchers.

35% of participants stated they would give up their favorite food to lessen their period symptoms.

69% stated they crave sweet foods when on their period

52% of participants stated that “on your rag” and 24% stated that Code Red should not ever be used again to describe someone on their period.

You can also take the Playtex quick period pull here




  • Jennifer Williams

    I will try these out, Playtex has always provided great products so I am sure these are great. Maybe it will finally be a product that you can wear white with confidence during that week!!

  • Lisa

    good info BUT it isn’t a good idea to use SCENTED tampons … or any other products that you use down ‘there’ i.e. Pads, Toilet Paper, Lotions, Wipes, etc. I know you want to stay fresh but masking with scented stuff isn’t the answer – wash well and use UN-Scented wet wipes often during that ‘time’ Be healthy, ask your doctor about it…

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