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Welcome to this year’s Back to School Shopping Guide focused on middle school, high school, and college kids. This year we decided to specifically focus on these age groups because Emily’s Frugal Tips knows how expensive it is to shop for this age group. Teenagers are not easy to shop for, they like name brand, and in style fashions but parents are often in sticker shock once they see the price tag associated with this trend.

Back to School Shopping can be expensive, but not with the help of Emily’s Frugal Tips


Be sure to come back to this page for updated shopping deals, reviews, snack & school lunch ideas, and lots more. I will be updating this list several times a week with new items I find for you. New deals for tweens, teens, and college students wanting to survive the school year on more then just ramen 😉

shopping deals

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Free Express Shipping on $150 or More at ModCloth

gluten free snacks

Gluten Free Snack Ideas for Back to School


duck tape

Duck Tape
Casio fx-300ES
teenvogue better binderTeen Vogue Better Binder
These are great binders for teen girls who want to show their personality. Each binder is under $10, and they come in many different patterns. When you order online you can choose ship to site and pick up or have them delivered right to your door.
staples school supplies
Less This Year Staples List has tons of deals for super cheap to meet your school supply shopping needs. I was curious to see the deals so I went with a gift card, and ended up getting everything on my high school daughter's supply list for $27!

apparel and shoes

mission belts
Mission Belts Nylon Collection belts retail for $29.99. The Nylon Collection is constructed with durable nylon webbing, and a mate finish buckle. These belts are stylish, and great for tweens all the way to college aged men. These belts are a spin off from Mission Belt's classic men's no holes classic leather belts. My teen son liked the belts he received, and said that the buckle part of the belt is made with high quality metal, and does not loosen as he wears them throughout the day. In the past, these types of belts were not his favorite because the clasp part of the buckle falls off, but with Mission Belts we are confident it won't happen. The following colors are available: black nylon, grey nylon, blue nylon, orange nylon, tan nylon, camoflage nylon, and predator nylon.

college students

lunch ideas

community coffee house blendcommunity coffee french vanillacommunity coffee cafe special
community coffee tea



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