Copycat Recipe Starbucks Cookie Frappuccino for Nutrisystem Followers

NS frapp 1Copycat Recipe Starbucks Cookie Frappuccino for Nutrisystem members

I have been on the  Nutrisystem program for about 1.5 months now. I have been craving a Starbucks Cookie  Frappuccino like crazy. Starbucks has always been a bad habit of mine and since I am on Nutrisystem it is not something I can really have right now.  So I came up with my own lite copycat recipe Starbucks version of my favorite drink and I think it’s close. It’s not perfected yet but it does the trick.


Approximately 1 large coffee cup of strong espresso coffee frozen into ice cubes. I didn’t have espresso on hand so I used a blend of Gevalia Chocolate Mocha and Gevalia House Blend. If you use espresso you will get a richer flavor.

Approximately 1/2 cube of bakers chocolate, unsweetened and chopped

1 Package Nutrisystem cookies of your choice broken up into pieces

2 Stevia packets


place ice cubes in a plastic baggie and pound them out with a hammer and then toss chips into blender. Add a little water to blend better. Blend until smooth. Add chopped chocolate and cookies. Blend well.

Makes 2 servings

* The chopped chocolate deviates from the plan, which is why this is two servings. If you leave that out and add unsweetened cocoa powder it will work well and you can use both servings.

**My photo shows two the entire thing in one cup. This photo does not depict a single serving.

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