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Father’s Day Gift Feature – Coleman Charcoal Folding Grill, CLR BBQ Grill Cleaner, Flirty Apron, and Jacks Pizza

We have a nice set of grilling supplies for dad this year. If he’s anything like my husband then he likes food grilled, but he’s going to need an apron and something to clean that grill with after trying his new pizza on his new grill to make this gift complete.

1. Coleman makes some awesome products for camping and this folding grill is not only portable but it is the perfect size to take on your camping trips. It’s 150 square inches in total, so it’s got plenty of room to do those hamburgers, hotdogs and chicken legs and possibly even a side of corn on the cob if he’s creative. The adjustable grill height makes this grill adaptable for cooking different foods at the same time and the grates come out for easy cleaning. Best of all, it is all portable so he can cram it in the trunk and cheap at only $47.00  on the QVC website


2. Flirty Aprons, mens Caution Extremely Hot apron, retails for $29.95 is a great addition to any man’s grill kit. He needs a “grill” apron to keep himself clean so you don’t have to scrub BBQ sauce from his clothing, because after all, it’s Father’s Day, you don’t expect him to clean his own clothes on his day do you?


3. Jack’s Pizza is available in major grocery stores like Safeway, Walmart and Target for under $3.00 each, they are just the right size for the Coleman portable grill and camping during Father’s Day weekend! These guys have been around since the 1960’s, they know pizza and they make a great product. throw some fresh pineapple on the grill at the same time for a sweet treat for later or add to the pizzas for a tropical twist to their classic original and supreme pizza.


4. Every dirty grill needs a good product to clean it up. CLR BBQ Grill Cleaner is the product to get the job done fast. Powerful foaming action cuts through tough grease and caked on food particles. It easily rinses off with water. You’ll want to use this outside in a clear ventilated area with gloves and proper grill cleaning equipment. Professional grade cleaner that works really well on tough to clean areas.


I hope this grill guide helped you choose a gift for the important men in your life. You did read the reports that he don’t want ties and socks, right?

Since we’re on the subject of grilling, what’s your favorite thing to grill?


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