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Wines On Trial: Four Ways To Have Great Tasting Wines Without Overspending

Are you a newbie to wine tasting or maybe you are a wine snob on a strict budget? One of the goals of this blog has always been to enjoy the luxury things you want by saving money on other things. I’ve compiled a compelling article about having your luxury wine and saving your money to 🙂

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One of the most common misconceptions in choosing the best tasting wine is equating its quality to its price. According to Pennsylvania State University professor Robert Richards, “people automatically think if it costs more then it must be better, and that’s just not a good way to think about wine.” While knowing and having the best wine can be really tricky, there are simple ways to recognize which one is in great quality and which one can cost you a fortune—for nothing.

Compare different kinds of wines. Typically, different kinds of wines have drastic price differences. Generally, experts suggest that the wines made with lesser-known grape varieties are better and worth your money. For instance, the M&S  Teichert Ranch Petite Syrah from California can be a great substitute to an expensive cabernet sauvignon, as “you are going to get better quality for the money because it is not nearly as well known.” Said Mary Ewing-Mulligan of the International Wine Center.

Consider where your wine was made. One determining factor on the price of wine has always been the country of origin. “Generally speaking, warmer places like Spain, California, or Australia produce better inexpensive wine than cold places do. In a place like Burgundy, France, where grapes don’t ripen dependably year after year, you almost have to spend a lot of money for a good wine.” said Karen MacNeil of the Culinary Institute of America.

Participate in wine festivals. There are various wine festivals in the country that include top-notch wines from various manufacturers and distributors from all over the world. Normally, these wine festivals open a great opportunity for all wine enthusiasts to experience and get renowned wines at discounted prices.

Judge a wine based on the taste. Choose your wine based on its distinct taste, texture, and smell and never refer solely on the origin of the drink. There are several wine tasting classes (yes, they actually do have classes for wine tasting) teaching beginners how to taste and differentiate wines, without knowing how much they really cost.

By attending a wine tasting class you will have an opportunity to sample wines and determine which ones you are willing to invest your drink budget in.

This post was brought to you by Marks & Spencer to explain how good wine works.

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