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Review of Allens Canned Foods

Allens makes products under the names Allens, Veg-all, allens Popeye Spinach, Freshlike, Trappey’s,  Princella, allens Butterfield, Royal Price and Sugary Sam.


Allens keeps 6 things in mind when creating new products to bring to the table, after reading their health disclosure I understood why Allens is such a great part of our manufacturing industry.

nutrition: Focus on low sodium healthy canned goods that will provide a nutritious meal for families.

energy: does their part to reduce their footprint

water & waste: they aim to reduce water usage and take proactive measures to reduce waste during the manufacturing process.

Safety: aim to have no accidents on or off the job.

Talent & Management:  they recruit only the best of the best

Giving Back:  give support to the communities they serve and operate in.

I tried Allens products in a couple recipes


 We received all the cans that are pictured above but I only used the two canned beans.

My family really liked the pinto beans that we tried. I made a fast lunch made from rice and pinto beans with a little chipotle in adobo sauce. The kids ate it in corn tortillas and lime drizzle. My husband mentioned that the beans tastes good but had no salt, he’s a big salt eater and I am not, so I never salt our food. I guess the can of beans we got were the low salt version. I was fine with that but he had to salt his dish.

I used the baked beans with strips of hickory smoked pork riblets and slow cooked it together. I topped the mixture on top of yellow rice and a side of corn on the cob. This was my sons favorite dish, he ended up eating 3rds.

You can find many of Allens products at Walmart, Fredmeyer, Safeway, Dollar General and Dollar Stores or find your location here


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