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Flat Iron Experts Review – Avanti Flat Iron


 I had the wonderful opportunity to review the following products from Flat Iron Experts:
Avanti Nanoline Nano-Cermanic Flat Iron, retail $89.95 
KQC Thermal Shine Spray, $13.99
Avanti Nanoline Nano-Cermanic Flat Iron

 I did not know much about flat irons before this review. The two flat irons I have at home were cheap brands that I bought for my daughter. I did not know how much damage can occur when using a cheaply made flat iron. What I learned through this review is that Avanti is the leading brand of flat irons on the market today and their products are amazing!

I compared the Avanti to the two flat irons we had in the house. One is an old iron I picked up at goodwill and the other is a brand new cheaper name brand. I never liked using a flat iron in the past because all the ones I had tried previously always made my hair frizzy, and they took too long to heat up. My teen daughter complained of the same. However, when we tried the Avanti flat Iron I noticed right away it was better quality.

First off I noticed how quickly the iron heated up. It was ready to go in less than 1 minute! My daughter’s hair is naturally curly so it’s to be expected that her hair does not straighten as easily as someone with naturally straight hair, and we’ve seen this with the two flat iron’s we have in our home. My hair has always been difficult to straighten because it has some wave to it. The Avanti glided through both of our hair effortlessly resulting in a smooth shiny straightened head of hair. There was no frizz and my daughter was extremely happy to have this iron in her possession.



My daughter’s hair is a dark brownish red color, and the KWC thermal Shine Spray made my daughter’s hair very shiny and healthy looking. She was certainly pleased with the product. The spray is also designed to protect your hair from heat damage when using a flat iron. The only thing I do not like about the KQC Thermal Spray is that it has a masculine smell. It reminded me of my husband’s cologne. However, the smell is not so bad that I would not use this protect again, and it is certainly better than the alcohol smell you get from the cheaper brands. 
You can find
Avanti Nano-tourmaline & Nano-Ceramic Flat Ironherefor $89.95
KQC Thermal Shine Spray herefor $13.99
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