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I recently reviewed Home Free organic treats. The company makes cookies, coffee cake, and baking ingredients for people with food sensitivities. They also have a cookbook and offer a food service. I reviewed their organic cookie products. Home Free makes cookies that are egg, nut, peanut, and dairy free. Some of their cookies are also Gluten free. The facility where the cookies are made is an allergy safe environment. You won’t find nuts, legumes, fish or shell fish, soy, sesame in their kitchens at any time. I found it interesting that the company is also very careful where they purchase their ingredients to make their products. They ensure that their ingredients do not come in contact with any allergens so they can ensure that their customers are safe.
As a past Para educator who worked with special needs children with food sensitivities I like how Home Free operates. I’ve seen what cross contamination can do when a child is severely allergic to nuts or another allergen. It can also be devastating for a child who may not understand why he or she can’t have the birthday cake brought to the classroom by another parent. So it is nice that there are options out there such as Home Free. 
Home Free Treats
My kids did not notice a difference in these cookies we reviewed. They didn’t know they were egg or dairy free. They taste just like a normal cookie. I’m a huge chocolate fan. In fact if there was one thing I don’t keep in my kitchen it would have to be chocolate. So of course, I particularly liked the Gluten free mini cookie sampler “chocolate chocolate chip” found here. I like how they were crunchy with large chunks of chocolate chips in them. I find a lot of cookies that are gluten free are normally soft and kind of stale tasting but these aren’t at all. They taste fresh. My kids liked the Gluten free oatmeal cookies found here. There are 6 cookies to a box, and they are large cookies not tiny little things. 
You can read more about Home Free treats at their webpage:
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