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How to Save on Meat


Meat is the one item I hear the most about. Savers want to know how they can save money on animal proteins since there is often no coupons. I read a lot of comments asking … Where are the meat coupons? How can I cut down on meat costs?
Here are my tips and tricks to saving big on meat. 
Coupons: While it is true that you won’t find many meat coupons circulating in coupon inserts, meat coupons do exist. Currently, in my coupon binder I have coupons for Fresh Turkey Trays, lunch meat, sausage roll & links, bacon, and eggs. Look for meat coupons in the meat isle. I’ve found them in little coupon machines and sometimes affixed to packages.
Bulk: Buy in bulk. Generally speaking, bulk meat will be less money per pound. When you find family sized trays of ground beef, chicken or pork on sale that is the time to stock up. Buy one get one free meat sales are good if the sale applies to large packages. 
Discounted: Shop for meat at night right before closing time, meat that’s close to its sale by date will be marked down for quick sale. Generally you can expect a 50% savings or more. Marked down meat is not expired. If it was the store could not sell it. It is still fresh meat; likely the store has marked it down because it did not sell that day. You won’t get sick from eating clearance meat if you take appropriate measures. Immediately repackage into smaller portions and freeze or cook it within 24 hours of purchasing to be safe. 
Buy from a farm: Purchase whole animals processed at a farm. This is one of the best ways to save money plus you have the added advantage of the animal not being pumped full of hormones for sale. When you purchase an entire animal it can be quite expensive since the animal is so large. To cut down your individual costs it is best to go in with several family members, split the cost and the meat. You will need a large chest freezer to store your meat. Try to find a farm that charges no kill fee. You want one set per pound price instead of a hanging weight, cut/wrap, and kill fee. Here’s a website you can find more information on grass fed beef you can check and look under farm in your area for farmers who sell cattle, pig, and chicken. 
Deals Sites: Purchase premium meat packages from deals sites for 50% -90% off. I recently got an Omaha Steak deal for $45 for $137 worth of meat. Some of my favorites include savemoreand plumdistrict. Note that these sites offer new deals daily and they don’t always have meat deals. It’s best to sign up so you get their deals delivered to your email. 
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