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Albertsons & Hunger Is – to Increase Breakfast Programs for School Children

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Albertsons Company Foundation. The opinions and text are all mine.

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1 in 5 K-8th grade teachers says they have personally had students come to class hungry. It is an epidemic in America, something completely avoidable yet its happening all over our country. Albertsons Hunger Is program is trying to make a difference in children’s lives by partnering to expand programs that benefit hungry children.

Children come to school to learn, but when their stomachs are growling because they are hungry its not easy to concentrate. In addition, poor nutrition leads to malnutrition, and an inability to learn at an appropriate rate. 10 million children, nearly half of eligible kids do not receive free or reduced lunch. That is HUGE in a country that prides its self on being an innovated country that takes care of its citizens.

Childhood hunger is a problem that we can prevent but it will take our community and the companies that partner together to pull resources to fight back. Because child hunger is a problem that can only be solved when working together to solve it.

Albertsons solution is to partner with Hunger Is to expand more breakfast programs, and make breakfast great again.

As a past paraeducator for special needs children, and Title 1 Reading, I can attest to the growing epidemic. This is a concern all over America. Children are going to school hungry because their families cannot afford to feed them. As the cost of living goes up pay has steadily stayed the same, making it extremely hard for parent to support the growing needs of their children.

Because of the struggles I have personally seen while working in the school districts in Washington Sate, I fully support the partnership between Albertsons and Hunger Is. Community partnerships like this one is what makes the greatest impact on school children.

YOU can help to by purchasing participating products at Albertsons companies. Regular everyday items that you already have in your basket could help feed a child today. For every unit sold in September Albertsons companies .10 will be returning to the market.

There are 2 ways that YOU can help this cause

  1. Purchase participating items. *purchase of this item in September 2016 will trigger at least $0.10 donation up to $1 million) – Look for tags on participating items in store
  2. YOU can donate $1, $2, $4 or even $5 or more at checkout.

All Albertsons Companies divisions “although Jewel and United banners” are only participating in the Purchase option not the donation option. You can find participating products and locations on Albertsons Hunger section of their website. For my local readers please visit Albertson’s in Portland or Albertson’s in Seattle.

Please take a second and like Albertsons and Hunger Is on the Hunger Is Facebook  and Albertsons headquarters Facebook

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