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Free Programs to Help You Reach Your New Year Goals in 2017

2017 is going to be the year that we all reach out goals. Whether its to lose weight, buy a house or have a baby I want to help you reach those milestones you have been dreaming about. What are your goals for the New Year? Whatever your goals may be I bet I can find ways to save you money on them.
This year one of my goals for this blog is to focus more on lifestyle savings. you already know how to save money through the use of coupons.
Here are some ways to save money on some of those top goals everyone seems to have.
Weight Loss, Fitness, and Nutrition: 100% free site called SparkPeople, sign up here. You will get a completely free weight loss plan. The site even has fitness & nutrition information. There are workout videos, boot camp challenges, forums, and so much more. I am a member of this site, have been since they started, and I LOVE it. Did I mention it’s free?
Language: Do you have a goal of acquiring a new language this year? Try the free version of LiveMocha, the largest online learning community. They offer a free version and a paid membership called the Gold Key. I received an email saying I could get their $99 membership for only $9.99 thru Jan, 3rd. Try the free version out or pay for a year. Both are great but hey free, is free.
College: Do you want to enter college but are worried about the cost? See if you qualify for financial aid! You may qualify for federal grants that will pay for your schooling. Find out if you qualify
Save Money: I don’t know anyone that does not want  to save money this year but if you happen to be one then you may need a budget planner. is a free program that helps you plan your household budget. I use the program and enjoy it. You can get a free Mint account here.
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