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10 Ways to Rock Frugal Coupon Living in 2017

In 2011, I launched this site to be a gateway for my readers to learn how to live happily with less. Frugal coupon living was my message. Can you believe it’s been this long? 6 years and stronger than ever! Back in 2011 things were much different. Couponing was HUGE back then, and coupon deals were all over the place. The prices you could get with a good stacked coupon deal was insane. In recent years I have focused less on in store coupons and more on online deals. This is because I have found that with online deals my readers aren’t as limited because they don’t have to worry if they have the store near them. In 2017 my goal for this blog is living life more fully with less money.

frugal coupon living

10 ways to rock frugal coupon living in 2017

1. Stock up

Stocking up is still important in 2017. When it comes to frugal coupon living always stock up on items on sale. Look for markdowns 50% and up. If you don’t need it don’t buy it unless you are saving at least 50% . This simply means that once the prices are lowest is when you apply the coupon and get as much as possible out of it.

2. Choose the right store

One of the best frugal coupon living tips to remember is the right store is as important as the goods you are to buy. By keeping tabs on stores, you will find that one week it has the best offers while the next it may have the worst. By doing this even without a coupon you will be saving a lot.

3. Use Case Discounts

Reality is that many stores offer case discounts of goods from as low as 10% to even as high as 50%. In this case if the item on sale has a case discount in addition to a coupon, you pay less and still get more goods.

4. Use sales flyers & Price Match

Sales flyers are generally goods offered lower than usual by the store as an advertisement, to get as many customers as possible. In this regard when looking for ways to save money on a tight budget, this is definitely it. Price match whenever possible. Ask the store if they price match (most do) their online sales

5. Menu Plan

Frugal saving tips that will save you big is menu planning. When shopping look into the week’s sale items and plan your meals following what is in season, as they are generally cheaper. Ensure you buy for the week as the more trips to the store, the more you you will spend.

6. Money earning Apps

There are a number of money earning Apps that give back based on your purchases. By scanning the receipt after purchase, you get to earn real easy cash.

7. Use a shopping list

Frugal coupon living tips can only take you so far if you don’t use a shopping list. When you stick to a list, have your coupons ready, and check out fast you end up spending less money. Of course by all means if you see something that is going to be free with a coupon grab it but don’t waste money on unnecessary items that are not free.

8. Look Online For Deals

Online deals are not hard to find, and often you save more online then in store. This also goes for food!

We love to shop Amazon for a lot of our deals. Especially for electronics, memory cards, makeup, and books.

9. Skip packed foods

Whether it is salads or cooked foods, always go for fresh foods to make on your own. Even though it might seem like a lot of time is wasted preparing them, this is one of the ways to save money on a tight budget.

10. Discounts online

When planning ahead for purchases, check on online shopping to see if there are offers or discounts that come with having goods delivered to you. This comes about as most shops seeking to promote online shopping often offer products lower at first.

11. Look for hidden deal

As a bonus, to the other 10 frugal coupon living tips look for the hidden deals. Practically every store has them but they may be hidden away at the back of the store. Look for clearance bins, discounted bakery items, and marked down meat and dairy.

Looking for more saving tips? Take a look at my frugal living section of the site

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