Furry Friends

Our pets are part of our family, and as such Emily's Frugal Tips writes dog and other pet related content. As an owner of 2 dogs I am always looking for pet products, and am open to reviewing pet products. So you will find a variety of pet related content on my site. You will likely find topics such as how to keep a dog out of the kitchen, how to potty train your puppy, and the different breeds that might be a good fit for your household. As you probably already know, pets have been proven to reduce stress and make people happier. You might be asking yourself if dogs do reduce stress - the answer to that is YES. I have experience in using dogs as therapy tools in clinical settings, and have seen first hand how a dog can reduce overall stress. However, any pet can technically be used as a therapy animal, and I will be featuring different animals each month on my blog to show the diversity of pet therapy!