Review – Imposter for Hire by Sandra Levy Ceren

Imposter for Hire by Sandra Levy Ceren boasts the thrill a suspense novel should have but there’s also an edge that most other novels don’t carry and that is a psychologist as the author. Yes, Dr Ceren is a lively psychologist living in California and has been in practice for more than 40 years. Author Sandra Levy Ceren knows how to get inside your head, as do most “shrinks”, but she has an exceptional way with mystery and suspense that I’ve not seen in quite some time.


When I started reading the book I expected it was going to be boring. I guess I just have a textbook version of psychology authors still plastered in my head from the good ol’ university days, so this book literally blew me away when I realized it was a book actually worth reading. I couldn’t put it down one second. I ignored the kids while I read through the book in one hour. No, I do not feel guilty about ignoring them (mommy needs her free time to). Yes, the book is short, just under 200 pages but don’t let that shortness fool you because it’s packed with good stuff.


So what’s the book about you ask? The main characters are Dr Cohen and Cohen’s lover, Ben and private eye. They go on an adventure to help a young mother get her children back after the young mother’s children are taken out of the country by their father. The story starts out in the United States but the trial takes them internationally. Unbeknownst to Dr Cohen and Ben, there is much more to the story than meets the eye. Dr Cohen is poisoned and later kidnapped but she’s quick on her feet, literally, and manages to thwart all attempts at ending her life. The young mother may have a cheating husband or does she? Are there terrorists running amuck or are they Spys? And what’s with the constant mood swings of the young mother anyway.

If you want to know if the young mother gets her children back or if her husband is a nice guy or a holy terror you will have to read the book.

To purchase just click this link here Imposter for Hire: A Dr. Cory Cohen Mystery, as low as $10 on Amazon.


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