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Friskies Pull N Play – Cat Toys Indoor Cats Love #MostPlayfulCat

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Purina®. The opinions and text are all mine.

cat toys indoor cats

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I am always looking for cat toys indoor cats will love, and this week my mom’s 4 indoor kitties had the chance to check out Friskies cat toy called Pull N Play Wobbler and Friskies Ropes. This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Purina #MostPlayfulCat

cat toys indoor cats

Blitz and Oreo are the youngest of the bunch at just 15 months old. They were found outside in the neighborhood with the rest of a litter of strays. Mom found the others new homes but could not part with these 2. Friskies cat toys are perfect for indoor cats that need more enrichment, and these boys are rowdy! It’s always a good thing when we find cat toys indoor cats enjoy!

The Pull N Play Wobbert and Ropes are a fun way to interact with your cat and keep their mind engaged in treat time. My mom engages with her cats multiple times per day, and they enjoy the company. Blitz and Oreo enjoy playing, and they play rough if bored. Engagement is key to keeping them entertained so they aren’t climbing curtains or emptying kitchen cabinets.

cat toys indoor cats

The Pull N Play pack takes cat treating to a whole new level because the pack combines loose treats dispensed out of the wobbler and edible strings that attach to its ears. The best indoor cat toys are those that engage and treat. Friskies Pull N Play combines small treats and ropes for ultimate engagement and stimulation. Like most cats, Blitz and Oreo love strings and ropes. I have never met a cat that doesn’t love rope and string. Friskies Ropes are the coolest cat toy because they are “strings” and EDIBLE! What cat wouldn’t want that? Plus Friskies Pull N Play are cat toys indoor cats can entertain themselves with for a good chunk of time.

cat toys indoor cats

Its no secret cats love strings and combining strings that are edible is a great way to make cats happy. Pull N Play string treats can be fed with the Wobbler or by themselves. The Wobbler kit comes with the Wobbler, a pack of loose treats and string treats. Oreo and Blitz (black cats in video) went crazy in the video we recorded. They didn’t want to wait their turn!

cat toys indoor cats

My mom has a total of 11 cats living at her house. Some are wild strays that live outdoor and 4 are indoor only. Blitz and Oreo are indoor only cats  although they are allowed on the porch in the summer. Indoor cats don’t have the opportunity to get as much exercise as outdoor cats because they are limited to where they can roam. Interactive toys like Pull N Play help indoor cats get more active by stimulating their mind, and finding cat toys indoor cats will play with is simple with Friskies.

cat toys indoor cats

The edible strings come in 3 flavors – chicken & cheese, tuna & crab, and salmon & shrimp. Moms cats did not like the salmon at all. I think it might’ve been the salmon & shrimp combo that they didn’t like because they have eaten salmon treats before and have been fine with them.

Friskies Pull N Play is available at Petsmart. For a limited time you can get a Fall themed Pull N Play with a Wobbler in Orange! Find a Petsmart location near you by visiting the location finder.

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