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I recently had the chance to review products from the It Works line. The following products are the items that I reviewed: Facial Applicator, Chin & Neck Applicator, Ultimate Body Applicator, Advanced Formula Fat Fighter with Carb Inhibitors, Ultimate ThermoFit, and Regular. 

It Works Products Review
Facial Applicator: This is a mask with lotion on one side that you place on your entire face; eyes & mouth are not covered. You leave the applicator on for at least 45 minutes. The facial is supposed to minimize the signs of aging. It tightens pores, helps combat the appearance of aging skin, and deeply hydrates without clogging pores. Purchase the Facial Applicator here
My review: When I used the mask I did see a difference in the tone of my face. My face looked tighter, pores smaller, and skin much softer. I do think my face looked younger. I have extremely sensitive skin and the facial did not break me out. I would use this product again. The price is reasonable at $49 customer loyalty or $89 regular. There are 4 applications in one box. If you compare this to having a professional facial I’d say it’s worth the cost.
Chin & Neck Applicator: This is a cloth with lotion on one side. You place the cloth over your chin and neck area. The applicator is supposed to tighten and tone the chin and neck. It also hydrates the area and refreshes it.
My Review: The applicator left my skin soft, but I did not notice any difference in appearance. My neck did not appear to be tighter nor did my chin. The directions do say that you need to do a couple of these to really notice a difference. The applicator was difficult to maneuver onto my chin and neck area. I couldn’t tell if there was lotion on it, and it didn’t want to stay put. I used a neck scarf to hold the applicator in place as well as lots of band aids. Overall I was not satisfied with this product and would likely not purchase this. The price is $45 for a loyal customer or $79 regular. There are 4 applicators in each box. 
Ultimate Body Applicator: This is a wrap that you place anywhere on your body. The wrap is supposed to tighten, tone, and firm your skin. In addition to that you should see inch loss in that area. Purchase the Ultimate Body Applicator here
My Review: I chose to cut my applicator in half and use on my ankles & feet. I have fat feet and wanted to see if it would help. I love the way the applicator feels on the body. It’s minty and just makes you feel refreshed. It also smells really good to. I left it on for a bit more than 45 minutes. I’d say probably an hour. My ankles before the applicator were 11”, and after the applicator they were 9”. So it appears I lost 2 inches from using the wrap. My feet appeared thinner to, and my shoes were less tight. The entire area did look more toned, and softer. Overall I’d say I would definitely use this applicator again. I may actually purchase more to use on other areas. The price for a 4 pack is $59 for a loyal customer or $99 as a regular customer. A single application is $25 if you order from Rebecca and $35 if you order online. 
Supplements: The following supplements I took for a 2-week period. This is my honest assessment of these.
Regular:This is a supplement to support your colon. It’s supposed to aid in elimination and restore normal function when used daily. The supplement is supposed to be a gentle colon cleanse that helps restore natural function. Purchase Regular here
My Review: I love this product! I no longer have a gall bladderand since the surgery I have had serious problems with going #2. Now no one wants to talk about their bathroom issues with complete strangers, but if this helps anyone just know that this product has worked wonders for me. I no longer have bathroom issues. I’m regular, and the supplement is gentle. It’s not like taking a laxative at all. Overall I am very happy with this product. The cost is fair, I think. $27 for a loyal customer or $36 for regular.
Advanced Formula Fat Fighter With Carb Inhibitors: This supplement is supposed to absorb some of the fat that you consume. Take it within an hour of your fattiest meal. The supplement is made from the substance in the prickly pear.
My Review: I did not notice any weight loss but I did not gain any weight either when I ate foods that I try to avoid due to them causing weight gain. Recently my husband and I went to eat Chinese. I took the supplement and there was no weight gain. I did not gain from Thanksgiving either, and I ate way too much that day! I recently lost 30 pounds from dieting, and I think I’d like to try this supplement while doing a second round of my diet to see if it helps. The supplement did not upset my stomach but it did take me a little while to get over the size of the pills. They are pretty large, and I don’t take pills well. Overall I like this product and would purchase it. I do think it could help in weight loss, and I believe the supplement prevented me from gaining during our Thanksgiving “gorge”. The cost for this supplement appears to be fair. At $23 loyal customer price or $33 regular for 60 tablets.  
Ultimate Thermofit: This supplement is supposed to reduce your appetitive, increase lean body mass, and boost your metabolism.
My Review: I chose to take the supplement a couple days after stopping my low calorie diet. Overall I’d say that while taking this supplement I did feel extra energized. I had more energy which could indicate that the supplement did in fact raise my metabolism. I ate less to, which could explain why I did not have any weight gain during the 2 weeks I took the supplement. I would purchase this supplement, but I do think the price is a bit steep at $39 loyal or $59 regular for 60 pills.  

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    >Hi Emily,

    I was wondering if you continued using the Advanced Formula Fat Fighter with Carb Inhibitors and if it worked? I've been looking for reviews and thankfully happened upon your site. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

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