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Recovering The Self
I recently read Recovering The Self: A Journal of Hope and Healing (October 2011, Vol III). This is a journal that comes out once a month. Octobers issue theme is parenting. I have to say that as a parent this issue is pretty good. It has a lot of useful information for all age groups of children, and did not seem different from any other parenting journal. There is no red flag that says don’t read me if you are not recovering. This journal can be used by any person “parenting” a child.
As a working professional in a field that involves working with families with extreme addictions and parenting issues I would definitely recommend this journal for anyone who has or is experiencing addiction. There’s some great information in it about raising children to be healthy adults. I particularly like the chapters on “Parenting a high-Tech Generation”, “How Children Become Violent, and I especially like the poetry at the back of the book.
The journal is written so that a layperson can understand it, a person who’s not an expert. It’s perfect for parents or anyone caring for children who have been abused or have mental illness. Most importantly, the journal discusses ways to heal from trauma; both the caregiver and the child.
Overall I would say that Recovering The Self: a Journal of Hope and Healing is an excellent resource for anyone “parenting” a child of past or present addiction trauma.
Purchase the Journal on Amazon for $10.95
Visit the Journals website: www.RecoveringSelf.com


  • vvolkman

    >Thanks Emily, on behalf of all the writers at Recovering The Self: A Journal of Hope and Healing, we really appreciate your taking the time to read and review our journal.


  • Emily

    >Victor I enjoyed reading the journal. It is an excellent resource for people working with children in crisis. If you would like me to review anything else just let me know:)

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