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Review of Envyderm Liquid Eyeliner and Mascara

photo 5As a blogger me and my teen daughter are spoiled, we have the opportunity to try some of the best makeup around. I can tell you I have used a lot of brands over the years and there have been some products that I wasn’t feeling. We received an eyeliner and a mascara. When Envyderm arrived my daughter quickly snatched it up before I could take a look at it.  A few weeks went by and I noticed one day her eyelashes looked extra full and I asked her if she was wearing fake eyelashes, she had mentioned weeks prior that she wanted them and I had told her no. Turned out Envyderm is clinically proven to

photo 2

  • Longer, thicker looking luscious lashes with extended use.
  •   Conditions and moisturizes lashes.
  •  Infused with Moroccan Argan Oil, Vitamins and Minerals.
  • Intense color that dries instantly.
  •   Doesn’t flake or run.

After I realized that I of course took it back because this momma is not getting any younger! Why does a 14 yr old need thicker more beautiful eyelashes lol.

Here’s my daughter’s after photos using the products

photo 3

As you can see the eyeliner and mascara did an excellent job on her eyes. the mascara claims it is clump free but as you can see it did clump a tiny bit. That being said, she’s 14 and they use a LOT of mascara and eyeliner at this age. By a lot I mean she’s already gone through 3 tubes in less than 2 months. Her de clumping tool is broken or she would have used it. When she tries to use it she loses eyelashes 😉

photo oneThe eyeliner is a liquid form and is fast drying.

The mascara has a unique hour glass shape to it that is actually good if you are a pumper. You know they say you shouldn’t “pump” your mascara because air get’s into it and it gets ruined . Well you can’t pump with this one because of the wand, it’s too difficult to get into the tube to pump it.

Envyderm cosmetics has anti aging properties to help fight wrinkles. their formula includes Moroccan Argan oil, vitamins and amino acids.

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