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Get Phone Service as Low as $2.50, Plus an Even Better Bundle Deal


If you’ve got a teen daughter at home then you feel my pain. They are ALWAYS, I repeat, ALWAYS attached to a phone when they’re home and have free time.

We reviewed NetTalk Duo Wifi last year and I thought it would be good to give an update on what we thought, plus they are giving us another year since we liked it so much!

I think it is really good for teens because the service is cheap. It’s roughly $30 a year for a basic plan that includes long distance in the United States and Canada. If you want long distance outside the US and Canada the prices are very reasonable. The North America add on is an additional $5.85 a month. For our family we would easily use that since my husband pays $2.00 each phone card he purchases each week.

International for North America includes these features

Includes calls to the US, Canada, Puerto Rico & Mexico**

  • Free Calling to Puerto Rico (landline and mobile devices)
  • Free Calling to Mexico (landline only)
  • All of the Free and standard features from the basic call plan

Add on for the other 60 countries is an additional $10.00 per month and includes these features

  • Calling to 60 Countries
  • Including all standard features from the basic call plan

You do have to purchase the device to use this service but it comes with a free year so it is well worth it. The pricing is at the bottom of this post for all options.

NetTalk has a great technical support department. Last year when I had trouble with my device, mainly the set up portion because of my internet, the tech was able to get me running by accessing my computer remotely and fixing the issues since I wasn’t able to do it after repeated attemps. It did make me nervous granting someone access to my computer remotely but I knew that NetTalk is a good company and would not compromise my personal information.

I’ve saved over $300 in one year by using NetTalk!

After a year of using them I have saved a great deal of money. I just don’t see the point of paying a phone company $30 a month when there is this service for $30 a YEAR and the phone works through your wifi, so you never need to worry about phone outages.

Plus a bundle deal for Canadians!

Right now they have a Vtec phone and NetTalk Duo wifi device combo for a hot price.

!vtechHere’s the pricing on the bundle and other options. I think the bundle is a great price.


netTALK DUO – VTech Bundle netTALK DUO netTALK DUO WiFi
Special Bundle Only $79.96  Only $59.97 Only $74.97
Includes 12 Months
Phone Service / 2 Handsets
Includes 12 Months
Phone Service
Includes 12 Months
Phone Service

It looks like the back to school bundle deal is only available to Canadians. I know we have some Canadian readers so hopefully this information is good for you. I encourage you to check it out.

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