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Why Stockpiling is Important to Your Frugal Lifestyle

I read comments all the time about how a stock pile is thought of as hoarding. I often read comments on social media stating things like who needs 20 things of toothpaste or 15 boxes of cereal. Why stock pile at all?  Well here’s a pretty good reason. 


Since 2007 I have worked for an online media company as one of their writers, and in quality assurance. I woke up yesterday morning to an email stating that I was let go from my company. No warning what so ever! Apparently they let go over 25 people on my team. And we’re a pretty small team. It was a company massacre. Now I really did not expect this at all. For the past 2 weeks things have been pretty hectic around there, and work kept slowing down. We were told it was a technical glitch, and since I had been contracted since 2007, I felt I had nothing to worry about. WRONG! Gosh was I wrong. I’ve been forcibly thrown into a crummy job market that I’m not even prepared for. While the work I did for the media company was supplemental, I have not had luck finding a job with my newly acquired degree in psychology. So supplemental it might’ve been; it was money we counted on that we will no longer have.
And this is where my stock pile comes in handy. Luckily, I have a pretty decent stock pile of necessities. I won’t need to purchase toothpaste for 6 months. I won’t need to purchase deodorant for at least a year. I have enough cereal to keep my kids fed for a good 7 months; the same with pasta and sauce. There’s enough BBQ sauce to hold me over an entire summer. I’m stocked up on shaving cream. I have enough razors for, well, probably forever! There’s 6 containers of peanut butter, 2 jars of almond butter, and enough jam for months. There are enough canned goods for 2 winters. We still have a need for necessities that I did not stock pile well, but we could be worse off. I’m nearly out of toilet paper and my meat supply is running low. But the cost is small compared to the larger picture. I planned ahead…
So you see a stock pile isn’t always a bad thing. It does not mean we’re hoarders or that we have a shopping addiction. We coupon gals are smart. We plan ahead. We’re strategic shoppers, and in the end when there is an un-expectant crisis we can work through it because we have planned well.


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