Get Inspired by Milk, A Healthy Source of Protein + Farmers Cheese Recipe #HerenciaLeche

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In light of it being Hispanic Heritage month we are celebrating my family’s heritage with traditional Latino recipes from Chopped winner and Celebrity Chef/Owner, Giorgio Rapicavoli.We have rallied together with Lo Que Nos Hace Fuertes’ and Chef Giorgio Rapicavoli to celebrate Hispanic culture month with our readers. Chef Rapicavoli has some really cool and innovated recipes featuring milk: a seafood broth is now a deliciously creamy and protein-packed dish and a traditional key pie can be infused with a ‘tres leches’ recipe to make a deliciously unique combination that has more protein and flavor. These recipes can be found at

The Hispanic culture is all about food and family. Food is the spice of entertainment in a Hispanic household. Did you know that milk is often an essential ingredient in Hispanic cooking? Being married to a Mexican man for over 13 years I have learned a few things about the Mexican culture, and their food.  One thing that I have learned is the importance of good hearty food. It is no secret that milk changes the flavor of some of the best Mexican dishes. Did you know that an 8 oz. glass of milk contains 9 essential nutrients, including 8 grams of high-quality protein – that’s more protein than in a large egg!

Did you know that Jersey Cows have the most cream, and that cream makes GREAT cheese? I typically buy milk in glass containers from Jersey Cows because I like cream in my milk, and it is also good for cheese and butter. To make your own farmers cheese which is closely identical to Mexican farmers cheese:

milk from jersey cows


1 Gallon Jersey Cow milk with cream or if you can’t find it any milk will do. Trust me though, try to find milk from Jersey Cows for the most yield. 1 lemon, large pot for milk to boil. Cheese cloth.

Pour milk in large pot and let it cook until boil. Cut lemon in half, and squeeze half the lemon into milk until you see curds form. Once you see curds you’ve  arrived at the cheese stage. Line a strainer with cheese cloth, and pour milk into strainer. Curds will be left in the strainer. Add salt or herbs as desired. Form into a ball, twist cheese cloth tight. Keep cheese in the strainer, and place strainer on top of the pot so that the cheese drips dry.

This makes great cheese, and I know you are going to love it

fresh herbed cheese 2


Baking with milk changes the game. Cakes turn out moist, cookies just right, and milk is essential to some of the traditional Hispanic desserts that you will see, like Tres Leche, and Arroz Con Leche. Milk is one of the most affordable sources of high-quality protein you can find. From muscles to hair, bones to teeth, the body needs protein to be strong and healthy. We use milk a lot in our homemade soups, mac and cheese dishes, and even casseroles.

For breakfast we always add milk to eggs or pancakes because it adds extra protein to help my kids have a better start to the day. For adults, protein at breakfast can help you stay fuller longer so you’re more likely to stick to your healthy eating routine. With 8 grams of high-quality protein in every 8 ounces, milk is an easy, simple and delicious way to add protein to your morning meal. It’s also important that kids get protein at every meal, especially breakfast, to help maximize how their bodies use it. In fact, protein at breakfast can help keep kids feel full and satisfied, so they won’t feel hungry by mid-morning. Protein is also the building blocks of the brain, and without protein the brain cannot function properly. With all of the processed junk type foods kids are eating now days it can be hard for them to get the protein they need. Many kids are falling short on important nutrients including calcium, vitamin D and potassium — key nutrients found in milk.



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