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5 Can’t Miss Things to Do at San Diego Zoo for Teens

Few zoos in the country are as renowned as the San Diego Zoo; this place has something for everyone, from young children to senior citizens. The San Diego Zoo can even entertain teenagers, who most parents know can be incredibly picky about how they spend their time. If you’re looking for a family destination that is suitable for people of all ages, especially teenagers, use the following tips

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Don’t Miss the Orangutans
The San Diego Zoo has one of the best orangutan exhibits in the world, and even teenagers will enjoy spending time watching these amazing animals interact with each other, as well as the zoo guests that are observing them. The San Diego Zoo allows guests to get up close and personal with the orangutans through a huge glass window that gives a unique view into their habitat, allowing teens to learn more about how these animals behave.
Early Morning VisitThe San Diego Zoo offers an early morning program for teens who are interested in learning more about the animals, their diets, and their habitats. This program includes a walk around the zoo before the gates open, allowing students to learn more about the different animals that live within the premise.Zoo SleepoverTeen animal lovers will delight in the chance to spend the night at the San Diego Zoo, where they will be able to speak with animal keepers, observe nocturnal animals, watch live animal presentations, and take part in an exclusive early morning animal viewing. A zoo sleepover is all-inclusive, and includes dinner, breakfast, and beverages.San Diego Zoo InternThe San Diego Zoo has a special internship for high school juniors and seniors called InternQuest. This internship is designed for teenagers who are interested in pursuing a degree in wildlife management, zoology, veterinary medicine, or botany. Students learn from the experts, and the experience can be incredibly helpful in assisting students when they go to college.

Photo Workshop

The San Diego Zoo is home to some of the most spectacular wildlife in the world, and they offer a specialized program for budding teenage photographers who want to learn more about wildlife photography. Contact the zoo directly to learn more about when these workshops are held. There is also photo props throughout the Zoo forĀ  teens that like to take Selfies.

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