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Travel This Holiday Season in Style With Choice Hotels

When we were in California last month we had a hard time finding a hotel room that was not tiny or falling apart. A few times when we were on the road I did not book our hotel, thinking we could just find one when we got tired. That was a mistake on our part, and probably one that we will not ever make again. Read on to find out how to avoid the mistakes we made, and get the best deal on your hotel stays booking with Choice Hotels.

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Traveling with children or pets can be a challenge. We had two teenagers with us, and I still struggled to find a hotel that would fit our needs. Mainly cost, internet, and amenities were my top priorities. We had our car with us so I could drive wherever we needed to. Many of the hotels we stayed at charged for internet, and it was per device charge. So even is it were only $2.99, it added up fast when each member of the family had a device that needed to be connected. We also had an issue with finding the right amount of beds to sleep our family. Even though we are only a family of 4, it was still difficult to find two queen beds in the middle of the night.

Choice Hotels is a company that owns and operates more than 6,300 hotel chains nationwide. You can go to their website and find kid friendly, pet friendly, travel friendly hotels that fit your individual needs. I wish I would have known about them when I was on my trip last week, but sadly I found out about them a couple days after getting back. You can read about their different hotel chains, and book them right from their website.


Families can go to their website and see all the family friendly hotel options, choose them based on amenities or price, and then book completely online. They have plenty to choose from, and you can use this link to find them all. Plus when you book your stay through Choice Hotels kids get to stay for free! This was actually a problem for me when looking for hotels because certain hotels would charge us per person, and when all said and done the cost was enormous.

When vacationing with kids you might find yourself near water parks and theme parks. The hotels at these parks and destinations can get crazy expensive. Whenever I am vacationing near places like Disneyland or Six Flags I look for hotels near the destination, but do not stay at their hotels because the prices are outrageous. Disneyland’s hotel was booking at $349 a night when we went. LegoLand’s was just about that to. There was no way I could afford to pay those prices so we chose to find a hotel near the attractions, but not on the same street. by staying one or two streets over we saved a significant amount of money. Using Choice Hotels will save you even more money. Here is a list of hotels near themeparks in every state.

This post is sponsored through ShopatHome, and Choice Hotels. I was compensated to post about this, and thought my readers would enjoy knowing about inexpensive hotel options for their holiday travels. The income generated from these types of postings helps the upkeep of this blog.







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