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Things To Do In Disneyland In The Fall

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These things to do in Disneyland in the fall are some of the reasons I love vacationing there during late September through November. While the summer months are some of the most popular for Disneyland vacations, it is really a great time to visit when you plan to go in the fall. These reasons are just part of that fun experience.

things to do in Disneyland this fall

Things To Do In Disneyland In The Fall


Enjoy the holiday decorations: In September, Disneyland transforms for a fall and Halloween theme. Almost immediately after Halloween, the decorations change out to the great Christmas theme. If you like seeing Main Street Disneyland lit up with beautiful decorations, holiday trees and improved store shop signs, street lights and more – this is the time to visit! Don’t miss out on the special Day of the Dead décor in the Rancho del Zocalo restaurant. The theme carries throughout the park, but is highlighted mostly on Main Street and in Frontierland. From the pumpkin Mickey street lamps during September and October to the giant tree inside the park in November and December everyone will love visiting and seeing the park.

 disneyland halloween

Mickey’s Halloween Party: On select dates in September and October, you can arrive in park at a discounted rate from 7pm-midnight. On those evenings there are special dance and music events at the front of the park, along with character appearances and trick or treat options. If you love to dance, or like live music and light shows – this is the ideal time to spend in Disneyland. The traditional parade and fireworks will typically be shut down for this event, so if that is something you enjoy it may not be for you. While costumes are welcome during this event, trick or treating may be a bit more frustrating than it is worth if you are wanting to enjoy rides and other entertainment.

 disneyland in the fall

Eat special holiday treats. Disneyland is one of the best places to visit for specialty holiday treats. From pumpkin infused everything (of course), to fun caramel apples, candy corn treats and holiday spiced drinks and cookies at various restaurants, you’ll love the extra treats that appear in the fall and around the holiday season. If you already stop by the French Market to grab beignets, you’ll love Pumpkin Mickey Beignets during the holidays! There’s also some budget friendly places to eat inside Disney as well, like this Rancho del Zocalo cafeteria serving many options of Mexican food. You’ll also get to see some very impressive Day of the Dead decorations.


rancho del zocalo

Halloween Themed Rides: The Haunted Mansion Holiday and Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy are the two upgrades during September and October that really make it worth the visit. The subtle changes to these two rides just for the Halloween season make them so much more fun. If you are a fan of the movie Nightmare Before Christmas, then the Haunted Mansion will have tons more appeal. Plus, there is almost always 4-5 sightings a day in the area around the Haunted Mansion of Jack Skeleton himself! If you like the roller coaster Space Mountain, this is a great upgrade for Halloween. With better music and fun Halloween themed projections, it makes for a totally different ride you will love.

haunted mansion

The real benefits to visiting are far more than these great things to do in Disneyland in the fall. The cooler temperature, smaller crowds and holiday atmosphere make it much easier to enjoy a leisurely time with your family in the park. With some parties, great food and holiday rides in the mix, everyone will love visiting the Disneyland park in the fall.


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