7 Eco-Friendly Camping Tips

Getting out in the great outdoors, exploring the wilderness and terrain and relaxing in nature is what makes a great camping trip. The government has taken steps to ensure that beautiful areas remain so through conservation and care. It is our job to take the same care when we are out camping, hiking and exploring this summer. We can all do this by … [Read more...]

5 Tips for Vacationing in Indonesia

Traveling internationally can be scary but with the right tips and safety measures vacationing in Indonesia can be a great experience. Fortunately, the guys over at Traveloka have some great tips for an enjoyable vacation that is full of Indonesian charm while staying safe. For the best hotel try hotel borobudur jakarta and use the Traveloka site … [Read more...]

How to Use Pokemon Go App to get Your Kids to be More Active

If you are like most parents, you probably groan every time you hear your children talking about the latest game they have playing. Your initial reaction is likely, "Great. Another distraction to keep my kid on the couch and staring at that screen all day." Most parents have been there. Unfortunately today's technologically centered world is great … [Read more...]

Legoland California Resort Not Just for Little Kids

The Legoland California Resort is located in the village of Carlsbad, which is thirty minutes north of San Diego and one hour south of Anaheim. The resort is open seven days a week and the hours vary with the season. There is a Legos hotel near the resort for people who want to stay close to the area. This amusement resort is meant for people of … [Read more...]

Fun, Free or Cheap Family Friendly Weekend Activities

Fun, Free or Cheap Weekend Activities with Something for Everyone! This weekend is the last weekend before Halloween. You all know Halloween in next Saturday right? That means there is less then 2 months left before Christmas!! Have you begun your shopping? If you are looking for Black Friday Deals you can join my deals group here If you are … [Read more...]

5 Haunted Places to Visit in Oregon State You Must Visit This Halloween

There are several widely-reported locations that make the list of haunted places in Oregon State that visitors claim are haunted. Many of the reported hauntings in Oregon are linked to historic places like the Oregon Trail, early Pacific-coast communities and Portland, the state’s largest city, with a history of hauntings from sailors who were … [Read more...]

Things To Do In Disneyland In The Fall

Interested in learning more about vacationing in the Pacific Northwest, or visiting other theme parks in the area? Visit our Pacific Northwest Travel section today, where new content is updated constantly. These things to do in Disneyland in the fall are some of the reasons I love vacationing there during late September through November. While … [Read more...]

Haunted Places in Washington State to Visit

Ready to visit a scary place with Halloween coming up soon? Here are but a few of the haunted and scary places where you can visit and stay in Washington State. Thornwood Castle Inn, Lakewood, Washington - www.thornewoodcastle.com This is actually a real castle from England that was dismantled and shipped, piece by piece, to its current … [Read more...]

Summer Camp Ideas for Teens

SUMMER CAMP IDEAS FOR TEENS When it comes to your teen years, the time spent in summer is the one you remember after growing up. If you have teens yourself, it becomes your job to ensure that their summers are as fun as yours used to be. However, finding the best summer camp ideas for teens can be difficult. You have to ensure that the teens … [Read more...]

3 National Parks Worth Checking Out on National Park Day, July 26th

  National Park Day July 26th, 2015 National Park Day is July 26th, and that means that lots of fun activities and parks to see for the whole family. From camping, and fishing to horseback riding through national forests you will find something that fits your lifestyle. This summer get your family out of the house and into the sun. Here are … [Read more...]