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Best Places to Travel in the Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest is beautiful with its lush green plants and cool, although a bit wet, temperatures. The Pacific Northwest consists of Oregon, Washington, and the province of British Columbia in Canada. The Pacific Northwest is filled with great things for the adventure-seeking traveler to do from biking up the coast or hiking any number of trails throughout the region. Then there are the travelers who prefer to drink wine and enjoy a more relaxing pace.  Here are a few of the Best Places to Travel in the Pacific Northwest according to a native to the area 😉

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Olympic National Park, Washington

Take a weekend roadtrip around Olympic National Park, which is just west of Seattle. Stay in lodges that President Franklin D Roosevelt loved and even rent a kayak at Crescent Lake. You can camp or bring your RV at the dozens of campsites throughout the park. Be prepared to see waterfalls around many bends in the road! Head up north to Port Angeles to do a little tide pooling or drive over to Lake Quinault on the south end for one of the most serene and beautiful lodges you’ll ever see.

Astoria, Oregon

Astoria, Oregon is the tiptop most northwestern town in Oregon and it is filled with charm and an old way of life. This seaside town has the elegant Cannery Hotel, which sits out on a pier over the water. Astoria has amazing seafood and great views. Astoria is the oldest American settlement west of the Rockies and was heavily used as a transportation hub since the Columbia River meets the Pacific Ocean here. The city is charming and a great place to travel to get away and enjoy a romantic getaway.

Willamette Valley, Oregon

Wine makers rejoice every time they head over to the Willamette Valley in Oregon. Vineyards as far as the eye can see and this region is one of the largest producers of wine outside of California in the United States. Spend a day or an entire week traveling in this area tasting your way through Oregon’s wine country. A great place to travel indeed!

Victoria, British Columbia

Ferry over to Victoria from Vancouver or Seattle to step back in time. It flawlessly combines old world charm with a touch of new world elegance. The gardens on Victoria are breathtaking and everywhere you turn it is lush and green. Victoria is located on Vancouver Island and is a great place for travelers. Victoria has a vibrant culinary and cultural scene that you are sure to love.

Seattle and Portland

It is hard to talk about best places to travel in the Pacific Northwest and not talk about Seattle and Portland! Each city would take days to see and experience. For the true adventure traveler, you could hit both on the same trip, as they are only two hours driving distance apart! Both cities have an impressive craft beer scene that you can sip your way through. Both cities are very bike friendly and the residents love to get outdoors and see what Mother Nature has up her sleeve. These two cities can be travel destinations all on their own!

No matter where you go in the Pacific Northwest, there are adventures that await you!




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