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Legoland California Resort Not Just for Little Kids

The Legoland California Resort is located in the village of Carlsbad, which is thirty minutes north of San Diego and one hour south of Anaheim. The resort is open seven days a week and the hours vary with the season. There is a Legos hotel near the resort for people who want to stay close to the area. This amusement resort is meant for people of all ages- kids, teens and adults. Although Legoland is more popular with children there are many things that adults and teens can do as well. These are my Legoland California tips and tricks for surviving a vacation with your teen.

LEGOLAND California Resort is NOT just for little kids…

Your teen may balk at the idea of visiting this theme park because they don’t know what to expect. They are imagining back when they were little kids when they played with legos, but Legoland Theme park is more than legos. The rides that are there are for all ages, with many that will catch your teen’s attention.

tips legoland california

Best Tips Legoland California

There are many areas of the park which teens will find especially enjoyable. Among these are:

Dino Island. If you love dinosaurs, this is especially for you. You can dig for fossils or see the actual real life size of these majestic animals who once dominated the planet.

Castle Hill. This is a recreation of the middle ages, 1000 years ago complete with exhibits and costumes.

Mainland U.S.A. is the center of the resort. This area has reproductions of several areas of the U.S.A. made with millions of lego bricks.

best rides legoland california

There are two waterparks at Legoland. The regular one has a ride called the Orange Rush where you can ride a tube slide down a 300 foot long water track. This one was one of my teens favorite rides when we visited.

The Lego Chima waterpark has a ride called the Croolers Twist where you can water slide and shoot water cannons.

The Lego clubhouse is for video gamers and who isn’t? Here you can play a multilevel online video game called Lego Universe. Another favorite of my teens.
The X-Box family game space is for gamers who can play many other games.

The land of Adventure is where you can become Indiana Jones for a while. You try to recover lost treasure from ancient ruins. You can blast targets with laser guns and your score is recorded. My daughter loved this one a lot!

Legoland’s aquarium is a great educational attraction. The enclosed aquarium features many kinds of marine life such as sharks, octopus, stingrays and jellyfish.

There are eleven gifts shops in Legoland providing souvenirs and all different kinds of merchandise for everyone.

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