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Nudges® Wholesome Dog Treats Review #NudgeThemBack

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This post is sponsored by Nudges® Dog Treats and the BlogPaws® Pet Influencer Network™. I am being compensated to help create awareness about Nudges Wholesome Dog Treats available at Walmart but we only share information we feel is relevant to our readers. Nudges Dog Treats is not responsible for the content of this article.

On your next visit to Walmart, stop by the pet section and pick up a bag or two of Nudges® Wholesome Dog Treats. My dogs especially enjoy the grillers, which are specially formatted to look, feel, and taste like grilled meat fresh from the BBQ. Nudges dog treats are made from 100% real chicken, pork, duck, fish or beef. They do not contain any artificial flavors, and they do not contain any fillers.

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My dogs chose Nudges Grillers made with real steak, and Nudges Grillers made with real Salmon. They are available at Walmart stores and are priced very reasonably for this type of dog treat. I like that they are made from real protein, are made in the US, and that my little dog, Scotchy loves them. He is picky, and will not eat biscuits. He only prefers protein based treats, and these fit the bill. These treats must be tasty because well, just look at my dog Jasper’s face. Does that look like a dog who isn’t enjoying these treats?

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I like to give my boys treats that I know will give them joy. My boys are like my kids and as such I want them to feel special. I absolutely believe that dogs have feelings. I often give them human treats but some things I cook have ingredients that they cannot have. BBQ is often smothered in BBQ sauce and not healthy for dogs to enjoy. I end up giving them a tiny piece and feel that they deserve more but I can’t fulfill that wish. I have oftne wished there was a human like dog treat that my boys could enjoy. I have found it in Nudges Wholesome Dog Treats. I enjoy watching my boys get excited about treats, and I also get satisfaction from knowing that Nudges Wholesome Dog Treat Grillers are a US based treat that is made from wholesome ingredients. Like I said above, my small dog does not like non protein based treats. He will even snort at me if I try to hand him a biscuit that is flour based. I can always tell if he will eat the treat by looking at the first couple ingredients. If flour is listed in the first few ingredient’s I know he won’t eat it. The first ingredient has to be a protein source or he simply will not budge. Nudges do not have flour listed, and in fact the beef ingredient’s list has only 10 ingredients listed!

scotchy and nudges

When trying to get photos for this review I discovered that Scotchy is willing to work really, really, really hard for these treats. I think its because they really are basically human food. There is nothing in the ingredients list that a human would not eat. He was willing to do just about anything for them. These might just be my next training aid. Overall I was very pleased with Nudges. I actually like how they smell with the exception of the Salmon variety. I am not a huge fish eater, and do not like the smell of fish. I did feel that the Salmon variety lingered on my hands even after hand washing though, so I would recommend gloves. My boys LOVED the Salmon so will be buying them again. Plus Salmon is good for their coat.

Nudges Wholesome Dog Treats is focusing on bringing more attention to their brand through their Facebook page. We would love it if you visited them and let them know that Emily’s Frugal Tips sent you there way. Plus you can stop by and read many dog owner stories. Since you are a dog lover you will want to visit them.

To find a location near you please visit this site locator and to purchase directly you can use this link.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Nudges. The opinions and text are all mine.

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