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STAPLES Launches Cosmic Black Floral Collection – Cynthia Rowley

Cosmic Black Floral Collection

Teens entering college this year can choose from a wide selection of Cynthia Rowley school and office supplies at STAPLES that will personalize their college style. Cynthia Rowley has created everything from notebooks, pens, and organizers to day planners in stylish patterns. Her new Cosmic Black Floral Collection is by far our favorite so far.

My daughter received a small collection of Cosmic Black Floral supplies from Cynthia’s new line to start the college year off right. She loved how grown up they made her feel. Being a young women graduating from high school this year and going to college at the same time, we felt it was time to choose a more grown up style.

She received these Cynthia Rowley Cosmic Black Floral Collection Items

Cynthia Rowley Notebook (Cosmic Black Floral) – great for all your note taking needs. For many students, lecture notes register in the brain better when they are hand written instead of typed into a computer.

Cynthia Rowley Metallic Silver Flat Pouch  – great for keeping your pencil, pen, flash drive, and a little cash.

Cynthia Rowley Two-Pocket Folder (Cosmic Black Floral) – great to keep your syllabus in order, as well as any important documents for each class.

Cynthia Rowley Weekly Planner – a must for college students. You will have lots of due dates, and will need a way to keep them organized. It comes in pocket size so it easily fits in your purse or side pocket of your backpack. Take it with you when planning your week, and if you use it your college life will be easier.

Cosmic Black Floral Collection

For many teens college is a time of self discovery, and an eye opening experience. Often teens trade their teen style with a bit more grown up looks. College style is a lot different from high school, and often teens want to show they are grown up by changing up their style. What my daughter loved most about this line of supplies is how grown up yet trendy they are. She didn’t feel like they were representing younger teens, and felt that the line was perfect to take to college with her. With Cynthia Rowley’s collection, teens can showcase their unique style while pounding out complicated math equations or jotting down important dates in their day planner. Cynthia Rowley’s line of Cosmic Black Floral school supplies are perfect for a girl wanting something fun but also pretty. My daughter loves the colors of these, stating that they are trendy and on point with how she wants to showcase her unique style.


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