Liquid Amino Diet – Wk 6 – Phase 2

Week 6 went well, I discovered some delicious recipes that are clean , healthy and fit into the  Liquid Amino Diet lifestyle.  The recipe above is Apple Stuffed Pork from Clean Eating Magazine, October 2012 issue. I used a meal plan from the issue and spent just under $50 for the week for a family of 4! No weight gain or loss this week. In phase 2 you don’t lose much weight if any at all since you are maintaining the weight loss.

Getting More Active

I began walking this week and trying to be more active throughout the day.  I take the stairs instead of the elevator and try to stand when I am at work sites instead of sitting when I write my reports.  It’s small steps now but they will add up to bigger ones later.

Stay tuned for my review of Liquid amino diet coming later this week and your chance to win a 30 day weight loss kit! 

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