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Dry Shampoo vs Traditional Shampoo

If you travel frequently or have a busy schedule you know how hard it can be to make time to lather your hair in the shower every day. Dry shampooing offers a new option for those of us who have a busy lifestyle, but how does it compare with typical shampoo?

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Dry shampoo was introduced in the 70’s and is basically just powder in a can. When the powder is worked into the scalp for around one minute it helps to absorb excess oil, leaves hair fuller, and creates body and texture. It can be great for between shower touch ups if your hair is very dry and damaged. Many women use this product after a salon blowout to keep their sleek style looking great. It also works well for setting an up-do as it binds to hair and makes it more likely to stay in place.

Even though it seems like a miracle product, dry shampoo does have it’s downfalls. Women with very dark hair may notice a powder residue that resembles dandruff if the shampoo is not brushed out thoroughly. In some cases brunette hair can end up with roots that appear to be a dingy gray. It does not work well on coarse or curly hair because it needs to be brushed all the way through.

Typical shampoos have a number of ingredients that are used to strip the hair of excess product and clean the hair and scalp. Dry shampoo has none of these ingredients and cannot remove dirt or styling products from your hair. Eventually you will need to use your normal shampoo to get your head clean.

Although dry shampooing can be a lifesaver during a time crunch they are not a substitute for sudsing up in the shower with a high quality shampoo.

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