Paleo Friendly Roasted Tater Melody

I am getting more into the Paleo lifestyle and the more I read about it the more intriguing it seams to be. I wanted to try some Paleo friendly recipes to see if I think I could got with this lifestyle. I came up with this recipe after not finding many potato recipes. I think it turned out fantastic and is Paleo friendly to boot!

raw taters 1

I get my melody potatoes at Costco because they have them for the cheapest price. You could really use any potato for this recipe but I just prefer to use gourmet taters as you get a better taste.

Scrub the potatoes and then slice them in half. There is no need to peel them and really they taste better with the peels on anyway.

Stick them in a well greased pan. Season using your favorite seasoning. Coat with olive oil and then season. I used  Barzi Gourmet Garlic Butter Seasoning ( not Paleo friendly!).

roasted taters 2

Roast in the oven for around 30 minutes or until you can skew them with a fork and they are kind of crispy.

I paired them with a nice side salad and called it lunch. What would use eat them with?

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