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Review of Sandgrens Norwegian Clogs #summerbeauty #backtoschool

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Have you ever wondered what the perfect shoe would look like. How comfortable it would feel. What it’s material would be. Would it be a sandal, a heel, maybe a boot? Women search high and low for perfect shoes. And, in case the guys aren’t following…there CAN be more then one perfect pair.  How else would we be able to match our shoes to our outfits?


While shoe shopping this summer I found a company that has a long history of creating high end quality hand crafted shoes. Sandgrens Swedish clogs are the go to shoe to match any outfit and because they come in many styles including sandals, boots and wedges, you won’t have trouble finding a style that you need for that new skirt. Made from natural wood and leather they are hand crafted by master Swedish tanneries and shoe makers.


You won’t find shoes under $100 on their site but when you purchase a shoe from Sandgren’s you can be assured you are getting a top quality product, so you don’t need to worry so much about price since they will last you a really long time. Plus you know we at Emily’s Frugal Tips are very careful about the brands we feature on our site, especially when the product comes with a hefty price tag. We featured this product because we truly believe they are a good price for the quality.

clog 2

Plus, historically speaking the Swedes are notorious for their love of clogs. There is no other country that has been so enthralled in the beauty of clog design and craftsmanship as the country Sweden. Sweden is known for artist like Sven Carlson who was a master clog crafter and leather tanner who helped set the way for Sandgrens Clogs to develop.

Today they make hundreds of colors and styles. You won’t have trouble finding what you need on their website as it’s always full stocked with lots of fashionable shoes.

If you have a second please take a look at their website here

visit them on Facebook and Twitter.

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