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Review – See’s Candies Easter Treat Choices


If you are looking for something a little  more gourmet to fill those baskets this year then See’s Candies is it. They have a wonderful selection this year of high quality truffles, chocolates, lollipops as well as some more traditional Easter goodies kids are accustomed to receiving during this holiday.

If you are from the Pacific Northwest then you have heard of See’s Candy and know that they are top notch. They are most known for their enormous selection of high quality truffles and their free samples! They have been around a long time, since the early 1900’s and are still an American company today! They add no preservatives and use only the highest quality ingredients to make their candies and anyone who bites into a See’s Candies truffle will immediately taste the difference. What makes them above the rest is that they use real food products like real butter, chocolate and honey.  They don’t add fake ingredients to their products, if something requires a specific flavoring such as coconut for example, you’re going to find real coconut in it, you won’t run into imitation with Sees Candies.

truffleEven though See’s Candies uses top notch ingredients you won’t pay more to have that quality. Their prices are very reasonable and comparable to boxes of chocolate you would find in a grocery store. So you are paying grocery store prices but you are getting a high quality gourmet product every time.

We received a nice selection of Easter themed products that are sadly sold out online but are probably still available in store since they stock more in their stores during the holidays. You will need to shop right away if you want to get any of their Easter items because they are selling out extremely fast.

basketSees Candies have a great selection of baskets filled with an assortment of their best candies. You can also purchase additional items to add to their baskets to individualize them. Baskets and Easter themed gift assortments range in price from around $8 and up. You can find a Sees Candies by checking their locations here.

To order Easter gifts on their website you can see their inventory here. Definitely check their local locations for more verity.

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