Beets Blu Bluetooth Bathroom Scales Review
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Beets Blu Bluetooth Bathroom Scales Review

I am really excited to share with you Beets BLU Bluetooth Bathroom Scales Review!

I have a new toy and I am VERY excited. I have been in the market for a new scale since I am embarking on a new weight loss journey and I finally found one that meets all of my needs. I needed to find a scale that did a little more than just gives me my weight. I was hoping for some advanced technology. What I got from this scale is much more than I ever imagined. It is the best scale I have ever owned!

Beets Blu Bluetooth Bathroom Scales Review

See, a couple weeks ago I joined a weight loss group that is connected to my day job. The stipulation is members must lose 10% of their body weight by the end of the designated time or you must pay $100 towards the pot for the winners (those that did lose 10% or more) and I plan to be one of the winners!

I suspect Beets BLU Bluetooth scales will change the way I lose weight from now on. You see, it doesn’t just measure your weight in KG/LB’s, it offers a whole lot more then that. Beets BLUE Bluetooth measures your BMI and body fat percentage, it also measures your hydration level and your bone mass. I am especially excited about the bone mass because I suspect I have lost some bone mass from lack of exercise and unhealthy eating.

Beets Blu Bluetooth Bathroom Scales Review

The scale works just fine by itself, however, when you install the app on your iPhone or Android based phone it opens a few extras that will kick your new year’s weight loss goals into high gear. It allows you to create new goals within the parameters of the app and its measurement capabilities.

I’m not much of a fan of record keeping but I am trying to become healthier and this scale will allow me to do it easily with all its high class whistles

When you setup the app it asks you for some details to set up the measurement options and gives you the opportunity to import some of it instead. I had the scale setup on the bathroom floor before setting up the app. I felt the app was very easy to use and the extra whistles felt encouraging despite the high numbers staring back at me when I weighed myself.

I actually had no idea what the Apple Health app was on my phone. I didn’t know I had the app but recognized the heart icon in my apps and had an ah ha moment when I realized what it did.

Beets Blu Bluetooth Bathroom Scales Review

After you sync everything you get some useful information that will take your health goals to the next level. For me, it was the hydration levels. Knowing I haven’t been drinking enough water and also seeing I am at the my heaviest weight really set things in motion for me.

There’s a few important things to know

  • no socks when stepping on the scale. skin to scale contact is necessary for most measurements
  • scale should be on a hard surface, no carpet!
  • scale must be synced to the app for you to get the extra measurements (body fat, hydration, ect)
  • wait for the 2 beeps and then information is sent to your app
  • the scale will give you better measurements on hard floor surfaces

I’ve set my goal to start small. I know I need to make better choices this new year but want to start small so I do not get discouraged and give up. This means starting with small things like eating 3 times a day, drinking water, and exercising. The bigger picture is to lose 10% off my current weight so I am one of the winners.

Googling muscle mass in women I found the average is 36% and I have 16.7%. Hydration for women should be between 40% and 60% and I am at 28%. I’m not going to share my BMI because its so embarrassing. I have some things to work on to become a healthier person and I will be sharing my progress on Facebook, Instagram and on my blog.

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