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NOKIA LUMIA 830 Review #lumiaswitch #teambuzz

This is part of the Nokia Lumia Challenge  by Microsoft #lumiaswitch. I received a Nokia Lumia 830 for this challenge. No other compensation was given. however, affiliate links might be in this post, and those links help support the upkeep of this blog. Thanks for your support!

The Nokia Lumia is an eye catching beauty with a reassuringly solid frame made of aluminum. The gorilla glass screen serves to add to its elegance besides having a great functionality. The day-glo exchangeable back adds to the fun that is Lumia 830. The swappable back distinguishes it from the black slabs. The back plate consists of a curved polycarbonate that permits the glow from the neon beneath it giving it a classy look.

nokia lumia
Unlike the preceding Lumia phones, the 830 has a physical camera button, power and volume rockers. This camera button speeds the access to the camera so that a capture moment does not pass you by. In addition, the phone weighs just 150g, light but still a very solid feel while in your hand.
The camera specs and photography is the major selling point of the handset owing to the 10 megapixel camera sensor. The sensor can be actuated easily by touching the physical button located at the side of the phone or by tapping the live tile. Reports by Microsoft indicated that the Lumia 830 has the thinnest optical image stabilization system currently installed on a Lumia with the curve on the back being barely noticeable.

nokia camera
The screen dimensions on the Lumia 830 are 1280 by 720 curved Gorilla Glass. The swipe keyboard makes it easy to compose some long sections of text. This functionality is good for workers.
It is said that there are three major features that determine the success or failure of a smart phone are the hardware, software and its ecosystem. The Nokia’s design has so far scored an excellent mark. However, the ecosystem and operating systems are not quite at par with their rivals. Indeed the market performance of the 830 will depend on the functionality of the last two features. However the software is doing very good unlike the ecosystem of the 830.
The 830 brings forward the improvements made to the Windows Phone operating system. This has rightly served to have more likely placed the Microsoft mobile offering on equal terms with the rival Android and Apple OS. The latest upgrades to the windows phone, WP8.1 incorporate backing for folders placement on the home screen. There are added options and more languages for the Cortana voice assistant feature. Here, Internet Explorer boasts a speedier browsing. Above all these those better additions; the operating system has a strong notification center, a variety of home screen wallpapers and swipe support in the keyboard.

On the downside however, the continued add-ons to the operating systems and other features specific for the Lumia have added up to an unorganized and unseemly settings menu. The latest change to the Windows Phone stock music player requires that you flick it upwards on your album art to adjust tracks. This new feature tends to be annoying to Nokia Lumia users who have for years swiped from right to left. It also seems to be way less intuitive. There is also the apps issue, which although has improved lately, still offers a limited choice. You may miss some of your favorite apps on the platform. The game performance is still a struggle for some games.
The good news is that the Lumia 830 has achieved some really great balance with the premium aluminum frame and its mid-range internal features. Those photo savvy users looking for a great camera experience within the price range of the Lumia should seriously consider the 830.

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