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Krill Oil Review

Now days everyone is looking to supplements as a way to get healthier. Krill Oil is the newest kraze in the health industry, in fact many manufacturing plants have a hard time keeping up with demand. Krill oil is taken to aid in good heart health. Studies have shown that if you take Krill Oil it leads to a stronger heart. There are large amounts of Omega 3’s in Krill Oil which means if you don’t eat fish you are likely in need of large amounts of Omega Fatty Acids and this supplement would be good for you to take.

Fish oil has many great benefits: better mood, stronger joint and less join pain, lower cholesterol, better mental health/mood stabilizer and ladies, it helps with ease of menstruation!


  • Studies have shown that adults who take krill oil for 90 days show on average a 46% increase in mental concentration and focus.
  • Everest Nutrition krill oil has more nutritional value than any other brand with: 1,250mg of krill oil, 300mg of Omega-3 fatty acids, 165mg EPA, 95mg DHA, 500mg phospholipids, and 1.6mg Astaxanthin.
  • Taking krill oil can lessen PMS symptoms by as much as 47%, and less negative emotional and painful results than women  only taking fish oil.

If you do not consume large amounts of fish weekly then taking Krill Oil could help you live a longer heart healthy life with better mental and emotional focus.

If you would like to purchase krill oil you can do so at Everest Nutrition

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