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Review of Disney Epic Mickey 2: the Power of Two

For our holiday gift guide we were given a copy of Epic Mickey 2: the Power of Two for my son to review in his new corner of the blog titled D’s Corner. We chose a copy for our Xbox 360 since Diego does not have a lot of games for that game console.

Epic Mickey 2 is rated E for everybody, so any age group can play the game. The new Disney game immerses the player in a fantasy world full of long forgotten characters and attractions crafted by Waren Spector. Mickey and Oswald, the lucky rabbit join forces. For the first time in history Oswald gets a voice, up until now Oswald had been completely silent. There is a lot of paint in bright colors throughout the video game. I like that even though Mickey and Oswald are fighting bad guys there are no weapons in the game, they are shooting paint at the bad guys. the bad guys are also shooting paint at Mickey and Oswald.

Diego told me that he was struggling to pass some of the levels so he became a little frustrated with it’s level of difficulty. He is used to passing through levels quickly and I think he was running low on patience. That said, I can see younger children really enjoying and playing with this game a lot. The graphics are really fun, bright and well, all that Disney is known for. Personally, I played the game myself to see what it was all about and liked the game well enough to purchase it if I needed a present for my niece or nephew who are younger than Diego.  The game could be fun for a teenager but mine would not even touch the game her nose was too deep in her phone to even notice a game. I really think my nephew who is 4 would love playing it but it might be a little challenging for him so he would need parental help.  So I have to say the age group that the game would be most appropriate for would be between 5 and 9 because they would be able to play the game by themselves and would likely be interested in the graphics and content.

Epic Mickey 2 is available right now in the following formats: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U, Wii, and 3DS. January 2013 the game will be available on PC/Mac! Prices very depending on the game.

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