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Review of Flat Iron Experts – BabyLiss Pro Tourmaline Curling Iron


My daughter was recently offered to review the BabyLiss Pro Tourmaline Curling Iron from Flat Iron Experts. Also included was a bottle of White Sands Infinity Hair Spray and an iron holder designed specifically to hold a flat iron or curling iron Flat Iron Experts Iron Holder. I’ve worked with these guys in the past (Review Here) and I’ve always been pleased with their products. I still use the flat iron even today and LOVE the KWC thermal Shine Spray; I am actually hooked on and recommend it whenever I’m asked how I get my hair so shiny.

So what did we think of the curling iron and other products?

My daughter loves the iron holder; I actually think that may be her favorite item out of the bunch. She uses the curling iron a couple times a week but she’s in a deep hair straightening phase right now that I swear is going to burn her hair off any day …So truthfully she does not use the curling iron as much as I had hoped, but I do not think it has anything to do with the quality of the curling iron. For one thing, I use the curling iron at least one time weekly and find that it has just the right amount of heat to properly set curls but not fry my hair. I really like that the curling iron doesn’t damage my hair since that has been a huge issue in the past with lesser brands. I also think that’s important for young teens since they don’t understand that cheap hair irons can severely damage your hair to the point that it can actually break off. Additionally, I think they leave the irons in their hair for too long because cheaper brands don’t set the curl properly and they fall out minutes later. 

The finishing hair spray was ok. To be honest I wasn’t thrilled with it and I’ve used better products from hair salons. It did not help set the curls and I felt that I didn’t notice any extra shine like the description suggests. Would I buy the hairspray? Likely not, unless it was drastically reduced in price such as on clearance, but even then I’m not sure I would waste my money.

 Personally, I like the holder as much as my daughter does. It makes me feel like she’s less likely to burn the house down if she has this tool. The holder stays affixed to the mirror using suction cups that came on the holder. Before receiving the holder she’d set the curling irons on her bed and even the floor! Since receiving the holder I made it a rule that her irons are to be used inside the bathroom only. 

You can purchase these products on Flat Iron Experts Websitewebsite. Also make sure to like them on Facebook Facebookto keep an eye on their latest and greatest beauty tools.

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