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Review of Aveeno Positively Nourishing Lotion & Body Wash

One of my top new years resolutions this year is to start caring about myself again. When I started university several years ago I was so incredibly busy that I just let myself go, completely. I gained weight because I stopped taking the time to cook nutritious meals for lunch and since school was so expensive I would buy cheaper bath and beauty product that I knew didn’t work for me but I just settled with them. I thought once I graduated that things would be different, that I would automatically take more time for me. Well unfortunately, that didn’t happen at all. I just went from stressed out college student and overly worked mother to stressed out job seeker, to overworked professional and so forth. I never took time for me, ever.

Now is that time. I’m ready to take my “me time” and I found products that I really enjoy again. One of those is Aveeno’s Positvely Nourishing Calming Lavender, chamoomile & ylang-ylang body wash and body lotion! This stuff is simply amazing and I could not believe how fast the lotion healed my severely dry ankles and balls of my feet. I used it literally one time and the next day my ankles were smooth and no longer dry and my balls of my feet were no longer rough. I have to admit that before this I had never used Aveeno before. I am so used to being cheap and it’s been a long time since I paid for than $2 for lotion but am now sold on Aveeno products. Of course I’ll buy it when it’s on sale and there will be a coupon or two used but I’ll definitely be buying this stuff from now on. The body wash is great to, it smells heavenly, lathers well and leaves your body feeling refreshed and properly moisturized.

Since I was curious I went ahead and did some research. I wanted to know why this lotion and body wash was so good compared to other brands. This is what I found out, the positively nourishing line is formulated with healing herbs like lavender and chamomile and then paired with things like oatmeal or fruit extracts to exfoliate and moisturize  the skin leaving it soft and smooth. Positively Nourishing lotion is water based, there are no oils in it but contains things like shea butter and glycerin which both help to hold is moister. There are only natural ingredients in Aveeno products, you won’t find things on their ingredients list that you can’t understand.

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