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Review of Dei Fratelli Canned Sauces


Dei Fratelli makes canned tomato products like pizza, pasta sauce and salsa as well as specialty items like canned spiced tomato pasta products and sauerkraut.  Family owned for four generations the Dei Fratelli family of foods is inspired by healthy living through home cooked meals and good quality food products. Because they are health conscious you can find many of their products have no salt options because they understand that some family are trying to stay away from sodium but still be able to plan a meal quickly. Salt free products include  diced tomatoes, whole tomatoes, crushed plain or crushed with herbs, pureed and low sodium tomato products.

Grown and Manufactured at the same company.

The thing I like most about Dei Fratelli is that the entire process is done with the same company. From the seeding, planting to harvesting and manufacturing of the products. This is important to me because I want to know where my food is coming from. I try to purchase food made in the United States with the exception of goods produced ethically outside the US. I worry about what my family is eating and don’t want to eat some mystery by product that a foreign country put in my food to save money.

Dei Fratelli is widely available at most grocery stores and are priced low so the average family can afford them. You can find the items in the pasta and canned vegetable isle.

For some recipes to try you can visit the Dei Fratellig website here


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