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Review: Mental Illness and Your Town by Larry Hayes


As most of my fans already know, I work in the social services industry and have a degree in psychology from Washington State University. I jump at any chance to review books on Mental Health because I am passionate about finding ways to educate the community about Mental Health issues. Anyway, I was offered the opportunity to review Loving Healing Press, a publisher of self help, mental health, and therapy series of books written by people in the field. Mental Health and Your Town: 37 Ways for Communities to Help and Heal by Larry Hayes is a book of ideas to help generate interest within the mental health in your community. It talks about the generalized myths and assumptions that is often the cause of miscommunication within the mental health industry and how it affects our community as a whole. Larry provides the reader with real ways to change a community. The book is in itself a self help manual for families coping with mental illness, but his ideas go beyond the family and offer advice on how to reach out to the community, state officials and city workers. 
Larry’s discussion on how Chad’s House, a community project in Fort Wayne that created a safe community for individuals with a mental healthy disorder, is very interesting to me. I remember discussing Chad’s House in my university studies at WSU and have often thought it would be such a great idea for the Clark County area. I also enjoyed Larry’s sections on reforms (screening educational programs, involving hospital staff) and personal ways to help such as providing cell phones to the homeless that are mentally ill ( FYI, a large portion of Vancouver’s homeless suffer from some kind of mental illness!). 
To read more about Chad’s House you can go here.
To purchase Mental Illness and Your Town by Larry Hayes you can go to Loving Healing Press here.I’ve also provided a link to the book on Amazon below.

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