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Yoga for Weight Loss Review


I have never been into Yoga but wanted to find some things that I could do around the house that would encourage me to keep working out. I have always been off balance my entire life, so I was hoping that by learning yoga my balance would improve. My sister has gone to some pretty hardcore yoga classes before and asked me to go with but I didn’t feel comfortable attending a Bikram yoga class (where the heat the room up to a high degrees) with my asthma.

I found Yoga for Weight Loss by GAIAM and really like it. Some of the moves are more difficult than I realized when I received the DVD but there’s also many moves in the video that are beginner friendly. After using it for a month I did see a difference in my flexibility but I still struggle with many of the moves. That said, I hear yoga takes many months of practice to get flexible.

Gaiam makes many yoga DVD’s, clothing, fitness DVD’s, Wellness and items for men. There’s also GAIAM TV which is a live streaming membership and includes videos on fitness, wellness and spiritual growth. The website has outdoor equipment and even this nifty office chair 


My friend told me about this chair a while back and I swore I’d get me one some day. Still saving the $99 it will take to buy it on Amazon. Since I am trying to live a healthier lifestyle I am encouraging my kids to learn to eat healthier, teach them to grow their own vegetables in our garden and help with the preparation of dinner. Having yoga mats, DVD’s and other yoga equipment in the house for them to use when they want helps them get more activity in throughout the day. Even if they are just playing with the items it gets them familiar with yoga and indoctrinates a sense of well being and respect for ones body. I strongly believe that when  you incorporate good healthy habits early in life your kids will grow up with those same values.

To check out GAIAM’s products you can go to their website here or check them out on Facebook


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