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Give the Best Mother’s Day Gift With Bright Endeavors Candles

This Mother’s Day give mom a warm scented candle from Bright Endeavors Candles. Each candle is hand poured and scented with quality oils to brighten your day. It is the gift that says more than just “I Love You”. This Mother’s Day we’ve got just the right gift to say “You’re the best” not just for what she does, but for the sacrifice that it takes to be a mom.

bright endeavors candles

The even more fantastic thing about Bright Endeavors is that ever candle is handmade and signed by a participants of a 12 week work program. So you are not only giving mom a loving gift but helping a person struggle in life realize their dreams.

Bright Endeavors Candles, a social enterprise, is letting love light the way this Mother’s Day with a limited edition Black Currant Orchid ($24.99) candle designed to celebrate moms of the past, moms of the present, and moms of the future, especially those that need a lot more support and a second chance.

I chose a different scent called Sandalwood Patchouli, an earthy sent that carries very well throughout our house.

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