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Holiday Gift Guide 2013 – Bolthouse Farms Holiday Drinks

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Are you looking for a holiday drink that is delicious, made with your health in mind, tastes good, is locally and ethically made? Bolthouse Farms Holiday Drinks are my favorite because they are rich, thick and creamy. I haven’t tried another drink that even comes close to these.

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bolthouse farmsBolthouse Farms doesn’t just make holiday drinks though. They also make salad dressings, carrots, smoothies, breakfast smoothies, cafe drinks and protein drinks.

I haven’t tried the other products but I am sure I will in the future. I hear they have excellent salad dressing.

We really loved all of the drinks so it was very hard to decide which was our favorite. I think my favorite is the Pumpkin Spice Latte, my husbands was the Eggnog and my two kids really liked the Peppermint Mocha.

You can purchase these holiday drinks at most grocery stores including Safeway, Walmart, Fred Meyer and even Grocery Outlet. We do not have any of the southern state stores so I am not sure which stores carry them.

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