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Food Should Taste Good, Healthy Chips That Taste Good


Recently we had the chance to try Food Should Taste Good chips. We tried four types of tortilla chips.Food Should Taste Good are GMO and Gluten free. The brand uses processes that are completely gluten free so you won’t need to worry about being contaminated with gluten.

Blue Corn – is a nutty corn tortilla chip with flax seed, quinoa, and organic blue corn. We really likes these because they have just the right amount of salt and the flax seed is not over powering. We have always been into blue corn chips so it was no surprise that we liked these.

Sweet Potato – it was weird because normally I love sweet potato chips but I actually didn’t care these. They were too sweet in my opinion. There is cane sugar added to increase the nuttiness flavor of the sweet potato so that could be why I thought them to sweet. I cannot say for other family members because they don’t like sweet potato chips. I say just try them, you may like them.

Kimchi – a Korean classic that is spicy, tangy and hits the right spot. This is the one that I actually liked the most but sadly the family hated it. You do need to like Kimchi to like these chips and if you have never had it before you might buy a small bag at first to make sure you are going to like this.

Cheddar – yum! Who doesn’t love cheddar. Food Should Taste Good Cheddar Tortilla Chips are made with real cheddar cheese, a healthier way to enjoy cheesy goodness.

Food Should Taste Good products are sold nationwide at most grocery stores. You can also find them at Whole Foods, Chucks Produce, Trader Joe’s and New Seasons Markets.

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