My Thoughts on the Darla Neugebauer Controversy #3Pancakes

Warning, rant ahead. It takes a lot to get me upset enough to rant on my blog. I mean you all know me, and this is rare. This whole incident at a Maine, Portland diner has been smoking mad. Owner, Darla Neugebauer is a crazy bat, but do the parents need some of blame to?

pancake fight

Is it really that hard to make 3 pancakes? I make large pancakes all of the time. Doesn’t it come with the territory of being a mom. Wouldn’t you think a diner in a tourist destination would have the equipment necessary to make …3 pancakes? I really don’t get it.

It is #3Pancakes for gods sake, why does it take 40 minutes?

I was once a mom of a fussy child, and I know how hard it can be to dine with a 2 year old. When my kiddos were little I avoided it like head lice, but when you are on vacation you have to eat. You have to feed your kids. Can’t let them starve, right? I do think the owner is a bit unorthodox.  She is absolutely vulgar. There is no doubt the diner owner shouldn’t have yelled at a 2 year old. And regardless of how long the parents let the child cry there is no excuse for yelling in the face of a 2 year old. Darla Neugebauer admitted to yelling at the child NOT the parents. The proof is in her words. She publicly said she did, and she is not ashamed of it.

It is not acceptable behavior to yell at a 2 year old child no matter the reason. Especially when you’ve made that child wait 40+ minutes for 3 freaking pancakes. She was already fussy. She was obviously hungry. If she was being such a brat. If she were crying so much that the owner’s staff was ready to pull their hair out why did they not offer her something to keep her mouth full? She does know toddlers like to eat, right?

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Parents are Partially to Blame

I absolutely place some of the blame on the parents. They are not getting away free of criticism. They are partially to blame for sure. They could have asked the waitress for something small that the child could have eaten while waiting for the pancakes to arrive. They could have taken her outside or into the bathroom for a brief moment to calm her down. It appeared that the parents wanted no part in taking some of the blame. Unfortunately, they absolutely are part of the problem.

The mother admitted the child was fussy the entire time. Fussy is a subjective word. Does that mean she was crying the entire time? I am guessing so. How else to you explain being fussy?

Marcy’s Diner asked them to leave, although not nicely Darla did ask. When they ignored her I think that only fueled the fire. The parents said in their own words that Darla asked them to leave, and that they ignored her. You can see the full story here, and you can see Darla Neugebauers side here.

If there is a lesson to be taken from this story it is that parents need to be mindful of other dining patrons, and that under no circumstances should a owner or staff every yell at a child EVER!

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