Coca Cola & Hispanic Scholarship Fund Sweepstakes #ForTheDream

This is part of a sponsored campaign with Dime Media and Coca-Cola, however, all opinions are my own.

hispanic college fund

Education is the core of Latino families, and through the Hispanic Scholarship Fund, families can plan for the next step in their child’s future. Coca Cola has teamed up with the Hispanic Scholarship Fund to help families financially afford college. Coca Cola is a loved company for many Latinos, also being a favorite amongst Mexican families in Mexico and other South American countries. Coca Cola is showing its appreciation of Latino culture, and its strong connection to educational goals through supporting the Hispanic Scholarship Fund.

The #ForTheDream Hispanic Education Program’s goal is to inspire consumers to engage and participate in the #ForTheDream movement, and #ForTheDreamSweep Sweepstakes. The For the Dream Coke Sweepstakes runs through August 31st.

Mine and my daughter’s personal experience with college

Several years ago I decided I wanted to go to college to get a better job. I also wanted to inspire my kids to want to go to college to. My journey started in a Horticulture program, but quickly changed to psychology in hopes to one day become a counselor. In 2010 I graduated from Washington State University with a bachelors degree in psychology. I began working in mental health shortly after as a qualified mental health associate in Washington. Last year I began my journey to pursue a masters degree is clinical social work, and by the end of next year I should walk away as a social worker. I am excited to use my social work degree to help others. Throughout my education it was a struggle to afford school. Like many students, I had to take out student loans. Scholarships pay tuition whenever possible. I applied for any I qualified for.

Coca-Cola’s #ForTheDream program inspires and empowers Hispanic teens, and their families to prepare, plan, and pay for their college education. This summer Coca Cola is donating $100,000 to the Hispanic College Fund. This is a sweet deal, but that’s not all they are doing. Coca Cola wanted to do more, so they are also donating $1 for every social media post with the hashtag #ForTheDream. They are capping this to $10,000.

Financial instability is the #1 reason Hispanic youth do not attend college. In fact, it is one of my own concerns now that my daughter will be attending college here soon. She actually starts running start in September. Coca Cola is a community supporter and partner of Hispanic Scholarship Fund, and wants to help college kids through the #ForTheDream program. They understand the importance Hispanic families place on education.


For the Dream program sponsored by Coca Cola and Hispanic Scholarship Fund. They are giving away one college tour experience, and 34-$500 grants to cover education expenses.

There are two ways to enter the Sweepstakes

1. Enter a product code on Coca Cola’s microsite: For The Dream

2. Post a selfie on Twitter or Instagram with someone who is helping you achieve your college dreams. Make sure to use hashtag #ForTheDreamSweeps.

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