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DIY – Above The Fireplace Family Tree #DIY #crafts

Adding a special element to your home is important

It makes your home yours and makes guests feel cozy when they are there visiting. A well decorated home can help reduce stress levels and make you feel at ease when you are having a bad day. A fireplace is a great addition to your home for several reasons. One being that in a working fireplace it adds heat which saves you money since you use less of your furnace. Another reason a fireplace is a great thing to have is it adds a sense of style to your home. The above the fireplace area is a great place to feature family photos, such as this family tree idea.

family tree

To create this family tree project all you need is this wall decal kit Removable Wall Decor Decal Sticker (Tree Vine Sticker)for $5.83 shipped free. *Note that this item is shipped from China and can take up to two months to get. I order from these people a lot and at most I have had to wait 3 weeks but just know it can take that long to get.

You might also want to pick up some general purpose spray adhesive or purchase it on Amazon General Purpose Spray Adhesive for around $5. it is available at Lowe’s or any home repair store.


The pieces come like this and you will have to peel and stick each part onto your wall. It can be a little confusing so I suggest using tape and tape the pieces onto your wall and then peel the backing and place on the wall. That way you aren’t wasting the adhesive backing. If however, you need to remove you will want to lightly spray the back with adhesive to get a nice even stick.

Start by washing the walls with rubbing alcohol and then let dry off before starting.

family tree parts

Start by adding the trunk parts and then the branches. Look at the Amazon photo for help or use my photo as a guide but use your own style. You do not have to have the branches exactly like mine or Amazon’s picture’s. I chose to move the branches around to make it look different. Next add the photo frames with pictures and then the leaves and birds until last. IMPORTANT – Note that the frame pieces are completely adhesive backed, meaning even the transparent part has adhesive, so if you were thinking of using a photograph that means a lot to you then you might want to make a copy or risk losing it.

empty tree

Once all branches and photo frames are on the wall you want to start applying the leaves and birds. you want it to look natural. I chose to add a few leaves falling down and a bird carrying a leaf because I was depicting a fall scene. There is not enough leaves to do every single branch chip so if you want every one of them attached to a leaf just cut off the extra ones.

Your end result should be your own style, try not to copy what we’ve done here so you portray your own style into your family tree.

FYI, if you need more picture frames you can use black duct tape or purchase some black vinyl tape and use a sheet of transparent photo framing paper.

Purchase your wall decal here Removable Wall Decor Decal Sticker (Tree Vine Sticker)for $5.83 shipped free.


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